The Prefabricated Construction

There is a data of prefabricated buildings already in the year 1624, in Cabo Ana, and that after a time this construction was dismantled and could be moved to another place, according to John Rollo, who describes that in the year 1801, the First prefabricated Hospital, in East India, and that the mining industry was the most favored because they were able to install camps in very remote areas and very close to mining sites, there are other records in South Australia dating from 1837, where the first prefabricated building was built in Adelaide, called "Friends Meetings House", and that to this day exists as a monument.

With this short review we want to give testimony that the prefabricated construction is a very old practice, and that nowadays has definitely taken a lot of strength for various reasons , as technical, economic, and population growth, and even for migratory reasons, large cities no longer have physical space, to build, the value of land is becoming more expensive every day, pollution and pollution with conventional construction is made more unsustainable by the dust in suspension large trucks that hinder the city , and construction materials to very narrow places, make the city, and coexistence is affected.

Recently at the Brisbane Conference on prefabricated construction (September, 2018), it is clear that today completely armed buildings are erected in remote workshops, far from the city, and that they are later assembled in the city causing a minimum environmental impact of pollution, and of traffic, in addition they are very aesthetic buildings, to the interior of the cities, this is what today is promoted and with an increasing demand, to the prefabricated.

There are clear examples that the Australian Government, has raised new hospitals, clinics, prisons, houses of social type, to resolve the issue of infrastructure, and social, according to experts from the real estate industry, and architects, point out that this is what is coming at high speed nowadays, to solve and satisfy the growing demand, some aspects to be considered more economical, and thermally efficient.

Chile, faces a social crisis, due to the large number of emigrants from neighboring countries, the municipalities make enromes efforts to get land and build houses of good standard, quality efficiency, and also at reasonable prices, PREFABTEK, is the company that is has established in Chile to meet these new needs.

We have made contact with the current government to show the great diversity of housing solutions, and today we are developing several social projects in various municipalities, for example we are quoting a project of 400 houses for a municipality, and the delivery times do not vary beyond 4-6 months turnkey project.

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